We're sure many of you have been idly wondering what's been going on up in the Upper Haight with regard to the Sit/Lie ordinance. And perhaps those of you who don't live there have even wandered over for an Alembic cocktail or a vintage cravat and thought to yourselves, "Huh, things aren't that different vis a vis the summer campers stoned on the sidewalk and such, but maybe I'm being harassed just a tiny bit less than usual." Well, as the Examiner reports, since beginning to issue citations in March, the SFPD has doled out about 50 of them, along with about as many warnings, and arrested a couple of drunk and disorderlies. (Despite calling these numbers "prolific" a couple of weeks ago, some cops admit it's seeming useless.)

A small group of repeat offenders have collected multiple citations apiece, but is the ordinance really doing any good? There have been increased foot patrols by cops on the streets, and there seems to have been some perceived impact for merchants even since before enforcement began. But one merchant, Rick Braun from Positively Haight Street, doesn't sound too convinced when it comes to the drunks who call that street home. “Do any of these things make these guys disappear into thin air?” asks Braun. “They’re not going to Sea Cliff, they’re not going to San Diego.”

Oh, but we so wish they'd at least try going to Sea Cliff. That sounds like a good time.