We return again for an installment of this ofttimes confusing feature, in which we ask those ensconced too cozily in your SF bubbles to take a step back, summon your inner C.W. Nevius, and try to understand why some folks just don't appreciate the way we do things here — if for nothing else than to enjoy an ironic chuckle at our own expense. If all of this seems too difficult, please refer to our other recurring feature, 7 Reasons to Love San Francisco, and be on your merry way.

This edition: Wacky libertarians in colorful parachute pants who think they have an answer for everything

It's a highly specific population we're talking about today: Those sometimes amiable nerds who reside in various conclaves about the Bay Area, eschewing conventional fashion, eschewing all convention if they can help it, denouncing all forms of government, and believing steadfastly that they and their tech-savvy, well-read-in-the-anarchist-bookstore-sort-of-way friends could solve all the world's and the government's problems if only they were given the chance.

By way of example, we point you to one Patri Friedman, who happens to be the grandson of famed libertarian and Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, and who now is devoting his life to "seasteading" — specifically the establishment of a floating city off the coast of San Francisco that he imagines will be like "Burning Man meets Silicon Valley meets the water." Patri and his awesome plan are profiled today in the Chronicle. With the help of PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and $2 million of his venture capital, Friedman is hard at work planning his flotilla village, which he claims will begin construction as early as next year.