Flip Camera creator Jonathan Kaplan, along with the gastronomic prowess of Michael Mina, plans to launch a chain of 500 grilled cheese shops called The Melt. (Yikes. We do not like that name. Not at all.) "The whole concept comes out of the idea of trying to make people happy,” Kaplan explained to Inside Scoop. “What I did with Flip was use technology to make people happy. Grilled cheese is like that. It’s simple food, affordable, and everyone likes it." Can't argue with that. [Inside Scoop]

Yankees star and celebrity dater Derek Jeter was spotted at Ame this week shoveling food down his throat with other teammates. Also, he went to 25 Lusk. [Tablehopper, Grub]

Perbacco just won some sort of international award for being one of the world's Best Authentic Italian Restaurants in Northern America. Which is odd since they showcase neither braids of garlic nor chianti-bottle candleholders. We call shenanigans. [Eater]

Txoko, a Shriners-like members-only group for Basque cuisine, is now a new tapas restaurant in North Beach. Yay! It takes over the old Enrico's spot. Sad. That said, the food at Txoko is really top drawer. The bar menu is also quite heavenly. [Alcademics, Inside Scoop]

Wait, you want more tapas? Fine. A new joint called Rendezvous Tapas Lounge (2080 Van Ness), helmed my Top Chef Season 6 alum Mattin Noblia, opens Thursday. Tamara Palmer has a big, shiny preview that will fulfill all of your Spanish culinary desires. Olé. [Feast]

You know who's several shades of rad? Jonathan Waxman. He really is. Because he eats “lugubrious” and "really disgusting" turtle brains, which he revealed this morning on The Today Show. Don't go changing, Jonathan. Not now, not ever. [IS]