So the Board of Supervisors had the day off from their regular Tuesday meeting yesterday. Contrary to our wildest hopes and dreams, SFGovTV did not, in fact, televise a Post-Memorial Day intramural two-on-two beach volleyball tournament between Supervisors*. So while the government channel was in reruns yesterday afternoon, we reached out to the board to check in and find out how everybody spent their day off.

Although not everyone returned our emails, those who did expressed an overwhelming amount of support for wearing jeans to work on a Tuesday. (Supes: They're just like us!) Supervisors Farrell and Elsbernd, who are currently tied at the top of our rankings and seem to be hanging out a lot these days, even confessed that the most interesting part of their day was working in denim. No one mentioned track suits.

Elsbernd also told us he spent the blue jean day catching up on emails and reading over the details on the tentative Transit Workers-MTA deal. This was after he called us out for previous "Elsboring" comments. [Note: it was actually Elsbored, but we're happy you're reading, supervisor!] We're guessing after last week's jump to the top, he's not dwelling too much on March's slow performance. The newly crowned Parkmerciless Supervisor packed his lunch, but he went without dessert - Zanze's cheesecake, as he says, is for "special occasions only."

Wardrobe decisions aside, former St. Ignatius baseballer Mark Farrell sounded excited that he could finally make it out to North Beach for his kids' Tuesday afternoon tee-ball practice. He spent his lunch with Farrell children.

Supervisor Avalos dealt with some plumbing problems at home before spending his afternoon studying local hire controversies, discussing CPMC land use developments with the Mayor's staff and chatting with Elsbernd about pension reform. After all that, he squeezed in some time to work on his follow up piece to last week's Bob Dylan performance and Nevius-bewildering Chaucer recitation. He didn't reveal his choice of verse for the next in-meeting poetry reading yet, but we've got our fingers crossed that he picks some T.S. Eliot. (We tend to measure out our lives in coffee spoons around here.) Showing that true progressive spirit, one of his staffers shared her thai food with him for lunch.

Carmen Chu basically tweeted at us: she was in City Hall meetings all day. Update: The other Chiu crew got back to us as well: City Hall meetings all day for the board president..

Finally, Supervisor Wiener let us know he spent his free afternoon working on legislation to regulate commercial dog walkers in city parks, figuring out how to preserve funds for HIV service and going over the streetscape plan for the zero block of Dolores. "Quite boring and un-fabulous," he told us in an email. But you know, somebody's got to keep those dog walkers on a leash.

The rest of the supes didn't get back to us by publication time, but we'd feel remorseful if we took away points for that. Instead, we'd like to award the BFF Badge to Supes Elsbernd and Farrell. (Do you think they called each other yesterday morning to ask what the other was wearing?) And to supervisor Avalos, we're awarding our battered copy of Norton's Anthology of Poetry.

Next week, we'll see Temporary Mayor Ed Lee in the People's Chambers again. Until then, here's the current standings:

7 Mark Farrell
7 Sean Elsbernd
6.5 Ross Mirkarimi
5 Scott Wiener
4 Malia Cohen
4 David Campos
4 Jane Kim
2.5 Carmen Chu
0 David Chiu
-1 Eric Mar
-3 John
-999,999,994 Mayor Ed Lee

*Sidenote: If you must know how this SFGovTV Fantasy volleyball tournament would play out: Team Mirkarimi-Avalos would probably overthink their strategy while the Carmen Chu-Eric Mar combo would just kind of be in it for fun. Team Elsbernd-Farrell would go far on the wings of their Maverick-and-Goose-like chemistry and Team Cohen-Kim would make all the boys blush. But Team Campos-Wiener would ultimately dominate the courts (Campos' low center of gravity makes him a great setter and Wiener's got the reach to spike on the competition without so much as flexing a calf muscle). President Chiu would referee because he couldn't decide which team he wanted to be on.