CLUB: If you're a Madonna fan, tonight's Trannyshack Madonna Tribute must be "Just Like a Prayer." Trannyshack superstars Heklina, Exhibit Q., Kim Burly, Miss Rahni, Holy McGrail, Jordan L’Moore, Ambrosia Salad, Lindsay Slowhands, and Precious Moments pay tribute to the queen of pop tonight, also featuring the return of KIMO’s 20 Years Of Madonna In 20 Minutes and DJ Adrian (Bootie) spinning all Madonna, all night. (9:30 p.m. to 3 a.m., DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh St)

MUSIC: Synth-pop fave, Neon Indian, brings his acid trip to Oakland's New Parish tonight. Flavorpill says concert-goers can "[e]xpect to float away on glowing cassette tape ribbons of retro nostalgia.” (8 p.m., The New Parish, 579 18th Street, Oakland)

FILM: Tonight's Bad Movie Night concludes Bruce Willis Month with robot gem, The Surrogates. The BMN folks say you have to attend the event to find out whether the robots in the film are the "cool" kind or of the cheesy, Small Wonder variety. (8 p.m., The Dark Room, 2263 Mission Street)