Over at the Wall Street Journal, the New York financial paper is absolutely in love with Dennis Herrera's bid for the top job at City Hall. Without going so far as to officially endorse Herrera, the paper paints our cuddly City Attorney as the quiet legal mastermind behind Newsom's famously in-your-face push for same-sex marriage. Despite Herrera's gay rights advocacy and tough stance on gang injunctions, what the paper really likes about his campaign is his completely un-confrontational style that "lacks the hyperkinetic flash of Mr. Newsom and predecessor Willie Brown."

Actually if you had to go off of what the WSJ has to say about this year's election, you'd think the race only had four milquetoast candidates in it. The piece names "quieter figures" Michela Alioto-Pier, David Chiu and Leland Yee as Herrera's top rivals. While this obviously does a great disservice to the lovable, outspoken dark horse candidates like Harold Miller and Wilma Pang, what about Bevan Dufty? He's been so soft spoken lately that we almost forgot he was still running (and asking for more money). Surely an East Coast paper could get behind such a politely run campaign as his.

Anyhow, we reached out to Herrera's camp to see how the City Attorney was taking all this newfound adoration from the Journal and he had this to say:

'It's a new day in America when a liberal lawyer like myself who is noted for fighting for marriage equality is featured in the Wall Street Journal."

Not exactly, "whether you like it or not," but we'll take it.