After news broke that the San Francisco mom who told Good Morning America she repeatedly botoxed her daughter in the face was not who she said she was, TMZ followed up on the theory that the whole deal was a hoax. And surprise! It was! According to that bastion of journalism, Botox Mom Kerry Campbell's real name is Sheena Upton and she was paid out a mere 200 bucks to follow a script for the interview that originally ran in Britain's The Sun. Since $200 is hardly enough to truly sell one's soul, she jumped at the chance to re-tell her story once Good Morning America and Inside Edition came calling.

Although there's currently some dispute over whether or not she actually got paid for her appearances on either network, Upton has sworn under oath that she has never injected her daughter with botox, allowed her to get a waxing or even entered her in a beauty pageant. A full medical exam from the UCLA medical center confirmed at least the botox part of those claims and the child welfare folks have returned the poor girl to her mother.

So the girl is fine, medically speaking, but we imagine this one is going to come back to haunt her in those troublesome teen years. So, yeah: Thanks, Mom!