College coffee shops are as American as apple pie, multi-camera sitcoms, and bloodshed. They are critical instituions of pep. They are the places you sit in order to pretend to study while you scoop the scene for new friends and lovers. Complex Magazine complied a list of the 50 Best Coffee Shops in America. Berkeley's own Caffe Strada came in 8th place. Complex notes: "Caffe Strada is basically an extension of UC Berkeley. It even looks colligate in its clean, pillared white surrounded by lush greenery."

The top college coffee shop of them all? Something called Spider House at the University of Texas.

Egregiously missing from the top-50 list? Caffe Pergolesi, a UC Santa Cruz student's most beloved/hated cafe. The Perg is where hipsters are born and trustfund kids go to die from black tar overdoses -- that is, if late '90s college lore is to be believed. We can't believe it failed to make the list, but...there you have it. Sorry, banana slugs.

Anyway, finals week is just around the corner, so be sure to see if your college coffee shop is the best place to go to study hard.

[via Daily Clog]