The San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force conducted a coordinated raid of nine homes Monday, in both S.F. and Daly City, all of which are thought to be connected to the same "tight-knit drug trafficking organization." They arrested eight individuals, all of whom have Vietnamese-sounding names, and seized 55 pounds of the green bud along with 1,400 plants, six guns, and $47,000 in cash.

The suspects are all scheduled to be arraigned today and they're being held on suspicion of growing and possessing marijuana for sale.

This is, we presume, a case of a grow operation and sales hub for largely "non-medicinal" use, and follows on a pair of pot busts at grow operations in the Sunset in 2009, and a wave of medical pot club raids this past winter in Santa Clara County. Also, let's not forget the strongly worded letter the Feds sent to the City of Oakland recently about their laissez-faire attitude to marijuana growing. This war ain't over yet, kids.