If you've been inside the Armory at Mission and 14th, better known these days as the headquarters of Kink.com [link NSFW], you may have seen the ginormous, gymnasium-like space at the rear of the building, which was once used as a drill court by the National Guard, and later used by George Lucas to shoot parts of Star Wars. The thing is five stories tall, and 38,000 square feet, you can drive trucks into it, and Kink's never really had a lot of use for it -- it's kind of too big for anything but a super huge rave, and we're sure Fiona Ma would disapprove of that. (Kink does all of its shooting, for its various internet porn channels like Device Bondage, Men in Pain, FuckingMachines.com, in the front of the building and in the basement.)

Now, Kink's owner Peter Acworth wants to start lending out the space for use as a community event space, perhaps by the end of this year. "We want to resurrect this space as a place of assembly," he tells the Examiner, and some ideas he's floating include film festivals, community banquets, and farmers' markets. Acworth's assistant says that "the community should not be worried about any awkward disruptions occurring during future family events." We're just imagining a lot of "you don't know where that's been" jokes with regard to organic zucchinis and the like.