Hardened reporting duo Matier & Ross have blown the lid off the case of San Francisco mom Kerry Campbell who (now allegedly!) gave her 8-year-old daughter botox and bikini waxes. Namely, she neither lives in San Francisco nor is her name Kerry Campbell. Gulp! M&R note: "Reporters were unable to track down a San Francisco address or phone number for the woman. Our sources tell us that's because she doesn't live here and isn't Kerry Campbell."

Also not know? The identify of the woman and where she actually lives."How much of the rest of her story was on the level -- the Botox, the child beauty contests -- also is not known." Good Morning America originally reported in the story here in the States after picking up the story from British tabloid The Sun, "which reported back in March that Kerry Campbell was a 34-year-old former beautician from Birmingham, England, who had moved to San Francisco."

Does this mean we have another "balloon boy" on our hands? Only time will tell.

And with that, there goes all hope that San Francisco was more interesting than food trucks, progressive politics, and street art. Alas.