If you recall, at last year's Bay to Breakers, there had been reports of a runner collapsing from a heart attack at the finish line, and many at the scene said he had died. SF Examiner followed up on the story last week, and found that the runner, Ken Byk, had survived after losing his pulse for twenty minutes. He was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and underwent quadruple-bypass surgery a few days after the race.

Byk, who has been on a search for the two runners who helped save him, completed this year's race while wearing a t-shirt that read, “Byk is Back! The last time I did this, I died.” He's also hosting a large after-party this afternoon for 75 of his friends.

SF Examiner reports that they were able to locate one of the runners -- Tara Graham, 41, of Redding, a California Highway Patrol officer and an emergency room nurse who jumped the fence to get to Byk and began performing CPR. Byk is still looking for the anesthesiologist who performed the chest compressions that helped keep his heart going.

Congratulations, Byk!