Hot on the heels of news that San Francisco USD will be laying off 139 educators at the end of the school year, comes a report from Sacramento that over two dozen teachers were arrested at the Capitol last night after they refused to leave the building as part of a demonstration against education cuts in the state budget. California Teacher's Association President David Sanchez, who led the group, told the press he was willing to be arrested, "to let the public understand the seriousness, the state of emergency that California public schools are under right now."

The group of teachers, some traveling from as far as Los Angeles, protested and chanted outside the offices of Senate Minority Leader Bob Dutton and Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway (both Republicans), before obediently forming a single-file line to receive their plastic handcuffs. The protests are part of weeklong demonstrations. On Monday another 65 protestors were also arrested after refusing to leave the state Capitol.