As the Treasure Island development plan continues to move forward, a new variation on the NIMBY has emerged. The Examiner's Ken Garcia gives us: NIMLOS. Unpacking that leads us to: "Not in My Line of Sight" - a handy new term to describe a telescopic version of the backyard classic. In this case, Garcia is prodding at the Telegraph Hill residents who don't want the proposed residential towers on Treasure Island to interrupt their pristine bay views, but it could also be used to describe the backroom moves put on by flip-flopping progressives who have alternatively supported and stalled the plan. Garcia elaborates:

Former Supervisor Aaron Peskin is leading the charge at [Telegraph Hill residents'] behest, even though he voted in favor of the project when he was on the board. On Wednesday, a Peskin-led coalition filed an appeal against the project’s voluminous environmental impact report, calling it “inadequate.’’

Further confusing things are the folks on the Northern Waterfront who suddenly seem concerned about parking and car traffic on the island even though progressives pushed for more 2,000 more housing units so the project would be dense enough to support schools, health clinics and retail. Read on at the Ex, if you want your brain to hurt from trying to figure out how a progressive could possibly be against new jobs, income and housing.