The fellow known as Epic Beard Man who gained wide notoriety 'round the Bay Area last year for losing his mind on an AC Transit bus and letting several passengers feel the full, glorious volume of his wrath, is now homeless. NBC is reporting that Vietnam vet Tom Bruso, a.k.a. Epic Beard Man, was evicted from his home in January, and a young documentarian got Bruso on camera telling his story, and how he's landed on the streets.

As he explains in this new video, he was evicted from the Altenheim Senior Housing center in Oakland for violating a few of their rules, like smoking "a little pot," smoking "a few" cigarettes in the hallway, he may have stolen "a [news]paper or two" from his neighbors. We imagine he also, perhaps, lost his temper once or twice. He further explains that the incident that made him famous happened the day he'd learned that his mother was about to die. Also, Ugly Bob, his friend who was on the bus with him that day, isn't doing too well, but Tom won't go into specifics. He is now in need of a studio apartment in Oakland, and he'd appreciate some help with that. What upsets us most is that the man known as Epic Beard Man has actually embraced the meme and introduces himself by saying, "I'm Epic Beard Man." That just sounds kinda off, you know?