Sunday Streets: Take your mother on a tandem bike ride through the glorious Mission on Sunday for Mother's Day, unless it rains, that is. There's only a ten percent chance of that though, so odds are in mom's favor.

Cinco de Mayo Festival: The annual day-long, alcohol-free Cinco de Mayo extravaganza takes place on Saturday at Dolores Park. Get there at 10 a.m. for the Zumba-thon Exercise Class, a Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party. There will also be live performances throughout the day by over ten local musical and dance groups, including Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca, Los Ensambles Ballet Folklorico, Ms. Berta Olivia y Su Marachi Mexicanisimo, Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble, Futuro Picante, Margarita, and Julio Bravo y su Orchesta Salsabor. Kids can enjoy arts and crafts, magic tricks, and lots of laughs.

Thrasher Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Ramp Jam: FunCheapSF alerts us to this cool event at AT&T Park on Saturday, featuring a huge line-up of pro-skaters performing tricks on a mini-ramp including Santa Rosa’s Tony Trujillo, and rumor has it Tony Hawk will be there, too.

Free Comic Book Day: Get your free comic book tomorrow! Check out locations near you. Get there early!

Competitive Swinging: Get out of town and head up to the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts on Sunday for the closing reception for Paolo Salvagione's latest installation, Competitive Swinging, which Laughing Squid describes as "a delicate dance between spectator and athlete, a mediation on the properties of the pendulum, and unabashed grin-making installation art piece." The photos look truly exhilarating.