The UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group has set up a falcon cam that live streams little baby falcons perched in downtown San Francisco. These babies and their mother are located on the 33rd floor of the PG&E building at 77 Beale Street. And they're so cute! SCPBRG notes: "Falcons arrive in early February to begin courtship at this nest box on the PG&E headquarters building in downtown San Francisco. PG&E has been a terrific host to the birds since we established the first nest camera on the building in partnership with them in 2005. In addition, PG&E helps underwrite conservation education school assemblies by SCPBRG throughout Central and Northern California."

The parents' names are Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil, and their kind are vanishing fast. SF Appeal reports: "The number of falcons in California had dwindled to only two nesting pairs in 1970. Now, thanks in large part to programs in which biologists bred the birds in captivity and released them, researchers estimate that there are about 250 nesting pairs in the state."

Falcons have used this building since 1987 "when the first nest box was installed." No idea why, exactly, they're so found of the building.