There aren't many S.F. bars or pubs staying open tonight with any planned, live royal-wedding-watching parties — maybe because most of said pubs are Irish? Just sayin' — at least according to MSNBC. Things kick off at 1 a.m. but perhaps that's too close to last call for most bar owners. Cameron's Restaurant, Pub and Inn down in Half Moon Bay is staying open and doing it up right. As is The Britannia Arms on Almaden Expressway in San Jose, which will be selling coffee and food after 2 a.m. There's a sold-out affair for about 300 people at the Mark Hopkins hosted by the British consulate. And tomorrow morning, the Palace Hotel will be re-airing the wedding (as will a number of pubs) and hosting a British-themed brunch.

But plenty of the royally obsessed will be watching from home, pretending they're British, and according to Myriette Bradley at Mrs. Dewson's Hats on Polk Street, lots of people are buying big fancy straw hats to wear at such viewing parties.

If anyone knows of any other open-to-the-public parties, or any Irish pubs going English for a day, do let us know in the comments.