Vallejo's been having a rough go of it, you guys. There was the town's bankruptcy, and then this trouble with violent teen mobs and vigilanteism, and the occasional body. Now they're facing gentrification-through-prostitution, and neighborhood groups are kind of pissed!

In an effort to help the penniless city and an underfunded police force to curb their hooker problem, concerned citizens like Loni Meyers have joined groups like Ohio Street Watchdogs. As Meyers tells CBS, “I patrol the neighborhood in my car. I take pictures of prostitutes and sometimes even videos.” Videos, Loni! Oh my. I hope you don't show those to your kids. Anyway, the neighbors hope that their watchdogging will intimidate the prostitutes and make them go away.

But the hookers have to go somewhere now that SF couldn't manage to make prostitution legal. And we still say that if Vallejo's citizenry could just be a little more open-minded, they could turn the frown of all those big empty homes upside down with a few high-class brothels!