Aside from ruining traffic around town this morning, President Obama also made multiple Town Hall-style appearances yesterday. The first happened down in Palo Alto, where speaking engagements at massive tech companies are the new speaking engagements at union rallies. Presumably feeling a little left out, Lite Gov Gavin Newsom snuck in a cameo at FacebookHQ to bask the warm, hopey glow of the President and Mark Zuckerberg. Gavin's hair can be spotted in the first 10 seconds of footage from yesterday's event, currently streaming on FacebookLive.

But what did the Lite Gov have to say about the appearance?

Gr8 town hall w/ Pres @BarackObama @ Facebook HQ! On pt w/ higher ed & building foundation 4 America's youth. Apr 20 23:23:15 via Echofon

While Gavin is focused on higher education (because he finally figured out that's what a Lt. Governor does), the President took the conversation towards taxes. Specifically, raising them on the rich people who, you might have noticed by now, aren't paying nearly as much percentage-wise as the rest of us schmucks. So what does Mark Zuckerberg, presumably the world's richest asperger's case, have to say about paying more taxes?

Mark Zuckerberg when Obama says he wants to raise his taxes: "I'm cool with that." Obama: "I know you are."Wed Apr 20 21:10:09 via TweetDeck

Of course Zuckerberg is cool with it, dude wants to share everything. Unfortunately, the Chronicle reports that Facebook's users weren't so jazzed on the livestreamed Presidential appearance. Hundreds of the President's facebook wall posts went unanswered! That's basically social death, right there.

Still, as the Examiner points out, Obama has the honor of being one of the first to get Mark Zuckerberg to dress like an actual adult who runs a business, the POTUS introduced himself as, "the guy who got Mark Zuckerberg to wear a jacket and tie. I’m very proud of that. It’s really uncomfortable for him."

Meanwhile, back in the city, Obama headed for the Nob Hill Masonic Center for another public appearance. Naturally, he was met by the usual ragtag group of San Francisco protesters speaking out in support of gay marriage, in disapproval of various wars and - can't forget - "supporting the preservation of wild horses.".

Inside, at least, he was warmly received by the paying crowd who "booed, cheered, and joked with the president as he touched on topics including Wall Street reform, education, scientific research funding, alternative energy investment and the nation's debt," according to Bay City News. Thanks to tight Secret Service security though, some attendees weren't feeling as warm: Umbrellas were not allowed, points out one local blogger. Also: these two ladies in red cut the line at bar, proving once again that the necessity for booze trumps political or ideological unity.

And of course, it's always important to play oneself off with a proper song. SFWeekly's Ian S. Port identifies the Presidential End Theme, with the help of technology:

Had to Shazam the song Obama walked off to tonight in SF: "Only in America," by Brooks & DunnThu Apr 21 04:39:39 via Twitter for iPhone