Ladies, before you fooled yourselves into liking bourbon, cycling, and major league sports to trap yourself a man in your mid-to-late thirties, you probably suffered through a gay boyfriend or four during your high school days. We feel your pain. So does My High School Boyfriend Was Gay, a site that's "a celebration of our most tragic, hilarious and heinous teenage memories." That is to say, those of you had pre-closet relationships, and just didn't know or didn't want to know. A few of the images are startling and captions chortle-worthy: "Dressed up for the opening night of Spice World," "Rod touched up his roots then requested a shot in front of the baby grand," and our personal favorite, "Claire and Jeff likes: 10000 Maniacs, Winona Ryder films, The Bell Jar." Check it out now.

Thanks goes out to Alissa Mach for the tip!