While the battle cry for jesuit school's radio station gets louder and louder, the outcry over the closure over San Francisco's queer and HIV institutions grows quieter and quieter. (Except for a noted SoMa leather bar, naturally.) Local activist Michael Petrelis has compiled a surprising list of such establishments either in peril or shuttered. "I've gathered a comprehensive list, just to map out failed business enterprises in the Castro and other city districts, to get an understanding for myself of the queer landscape in San Francisco over the past two years," Petrelis writes. "Only entities that died or faced significant challenges since 2009 are included."

Castro Country Club, Lyon Martin Health Clinic, Shanti Project, Mama Calizo's Voice Factory, Pudong, and Gym SF are just a few of the teetering or dead businesses striking the Castro (and beyond!) over the last year.

Petrelis point out that these businesses, the run the gamut in a variety of sectors, show the local "gay economy going under."

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