Body Found/San Bruno: A missing "at risk" alert was put out for 20-year-old Leonie Scott after she was last seen leaving her house Saturday morning following a fight with her boyfriend. Scott's body turned up early Sunday morning, but San Bruno police have yet to release any additional details. [SFEx]

Shots Fired/Excelsior: Around 2 a.m. Saturday morning, a woman on the 600 block of Paris Street in the Excelsior district heard shots outside her house. Although she was afraid to look outside at the time, when she finally left the house later in the day she noticed her home had been shot. Witnesses say they saw two people fleeing the area around the time of the shots, but so far no arrests have been made. No one was injured. [BCN/Appeal]

Fatal Shooting/Oakland: 35-year-old Lamont Couch died after being shot in his car early Saturday morning. Authorities believe Couch was shot around the 6900 block of Halliday Ave near the Eastmont Mall and was able to drive a few blocks before crashing his car. Paramedics initially believed the incident was a traffic accident, but doctors at Highland Hospital in Oakland, where the victim was taken, discovered he had been shot. According to the Chronicle, Couch's death marks the fourth killing in Oakland last week and the 34th of 2011. No arrests have been made. [Chronicle]

Shooting/Bayview: In the Bayview, a late night sidewalk dice game between two men in their 30's went bad when one of the men "became angry during the game, retrieved a gun from his car and shot the other man in the neck." Police heard the shots around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning and arrested the suspect after he gave chase on foot. The victim was hospitalized and is expected to survive. [BCN/Appeal]

Traffic Fatality/San Jose: A cyclist was struck and killed by a driver on Cherry Avenue in San Jose around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. The driver and the cyclist, who authorities say had been friends, had attended the same house party earlier. Details of the accident are still fuzzy and authorities have yet to release results of toxicology tests. [Chronicle]