In his Sunday column this week, Willie Brown called out the GOP for creating a lineup of potential presidential nominees that looked like "a cast party for 'Dancing with the Stars.'" Much like a reality TV star, Willie has always been a bit of a famewhore himself. So, unfortunately for everyone involved, Willie uses the opportunity to reminisce over the time Trump sent a private jet to give him a ride out of Boston when he could have been giving the real estate mogul some friendly advice on how to have a conversation with an African American in a position of power without immediately demanding to see a birth certificate.

While over here we don't really expect too much actual political talk out of the former mayor's Chronicle column these days, the Appeal rounds up a nice list of everyone at the Chronicle who took offense to the willy-nilly way he just namedrops Uncle Trump with abandon, including: half of Matier & Ross, Carla Marinucci and Oral Historian/City Bright William Wong.

Speaking of controlling one's image in the media: the Napa Valley Conservatory Theater has been performing a production of "The People's Temple" - the story of the Rev. Jim Jones and the events leading up to the Jonestown Massacre in 1978, which includes "Assemblyman Willie Brown" on it's cast of characters. Theater, of course, is a malleable medium open to interpretation, but we have to wonder how Da Mayor feels about someone other than himself playing the role of Assemblyman Willie Brown. (Also: we're pretty sure that's a white dude?)

In lady-watching: Willie says a BuildOn fundraiser at the St. Francis had "the most incredible collection of impeccably dressed San Francisco females between the ages of 35 and 45 I've seen in years." Besides creeping us out with his specificity, we think there's definitely room in the modern lexicon for a term describing a man on the prowl for available middle aged ladies who still are roughly half his age.

Still creepin' on the ladies: Willie ogled some flight attendants in vintage uniforms at the opening of SFO's new Terminal 2. When he pointed out that one of them couldn't have been from the same era as her outfit, Willie was impressed to learn she was wearing her Grandmother's getup.

Speaking of ladies at the SFO Terminal 2 bash, Willie hung out with the "not shy" Chinatown power maiden Rose Pak. Rose was apparently going around the table telling everyone to give Temporary Mayor Ed Lee a phone call to convince him to run for Mayor, including the architect David Gensler. Willie says Gensler had no idea what hit him, which sounds about right because everyone always seems to come away from their conversations with Rose Pak feeling slightly confused and somewhat emasculated.

In movie watching: Willie caught Source Code and Win Win. The former is about the last 8 minutes of Jake Gyllenhaal's life and lasts for 93 minutes although "it could have been done in 67 minutes." (Sidenote: what?) The latter, on the other hand, is about Paul Giamatti playing a Paul Giamatti character.

Unfortunately, Willie didn't have time to review the food at SFO's Terminal Two, nor did we get an update on his goal to only eat at Bauer's Top 100 Restaurants for the rest of the year - Da Mayor didn't turn in an Inside Scoop column this week. But that's probably for the better - we wouldn't want him stirring up any more controversy around the SF Gate headquarters.

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