While it's not much more than rumblings at the moment, local animal care attendant Sandra Bernal wants the Animal Care and Control commission to create a database of recorded animal abusers. Unlike say, the sex offender registry, Bernal's database would include those inhumane and hateful human beings convicted of animal abuse as well as those who didn't receive convictions in cases where there wasn't enough evidence to hold up a prosecution.

We touched base with Rocket Dog Rescue VP (and SFist vegan contributor) Laura Beck who hadn't heard of the proposal, but agreed it would be a useful resource for people adopting out animals, "because sometimes no matter how much screening you do, you miss stuff. Having one more precaution against sending a dog or cat into a screwed up home would be useful." Information from the proposed database would only be available to "local rescue groups, non-profits and city shelters" - so it's not like the dog kicking cowards would have to go door-to-door announcing their presence when they move to a new neighborhood. It also wouldn't force anyone to live a certain distance from dog parks.

Bernal's proposal will be heard by the Animal Care and Control commission tomorrow.