Last night's meeting to discuss new security proposals for San Francisco nightclubs -- which would include ID scanning and face recording of patrons, among other things -- was postponed. Mayor Lee wanted "further analysis and study" before moving forward, reports The Examiner. While the odds of the city seeing each rule put into action are slim, that didn't stop privacy rights groups and members from voicing their concern.

PrivacyActivism, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, IP Justice, Beat the Chip, Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights, Patient Privacy Rights, and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee have publicly opposed [doc] the SF Entertainment Commission's new security proposals.

Furtther, the Entertainment Commission notes: "while the proposals are framed in terms of venues with an anticipated occupancy of more than 100 individuals, the Commission may adopt rules that apply to a different or broader range of venues."

New hearing date TBA.