So here's the deal: During last night's emergency meeting at The Eagle Tavern and estimated 250-300 people convened to mourn/fight the bar's impending closure. Former Supervisor Bevan Dufty, along with a gaggle of folks from the queer and music communities, spoke touchingly about what the bar means to them. Ideas were tossed around about what, if anything, can be done. In the end, though, it looks like the Eagle will be a fond memory in the not too distant future. "The owners, John Gardiner and Joe Banks, had arranged a deal last year to transfer the lease to Eagle manager Ron Hennis and Lila Thirkield, owner of the Lexington Club. But before that deal could go through, the owner of the property decided he wanted to start a bar there himself, and wouldn't allow the current owners to transfer the lease," reports SF Weekly.

According to Michael Petrelis, D6 Supervisor Jane Kim sent a representative to speak. "The staffer said Kim was making inquiries about the situation and gathering more facts, and that she wants the bar to stay open."

Later in the night, a march and protest followed the rally, prompted by local drag queen/budding politico Anna Conda. Joshua Joshnson of KQED reports:

Dufty and Sup. Scott Wiener were also on hand for a protest march that followed the rally. Patrons headed from the Eagle at 12th & Harrison to Skylark, a bar at 16th & Valencia in the Mission. Skylark's nothing like the Eagle -- it features reggae, R&B and a stylish decor for a mainstream crowd -- but its owners have reportedly acquired the Eagle's liquor license.

Marchers briefly commandeered the inside of the intimate bar, chanting "Hell, no! We won't let the Eagle go!" It caused a minor tiff between staff and a few protesters, but a passing SFPD officer quickly defused the situation.

And with that, Anna Conda will host a gueriilla queer bar of sorts, happening tomorrow night at Skylark (3089 16th Street). Behold: