While we loathe most competitive TV shows, Top Chef and the CBS's epic Big Brother are the notable exceptions. Compared to Bravo's Emmy Award winner about scallop searing, molecular gastronomy and fauxhawks, Big Brother is particularly ghastly. Thirteen strangers are selected to live inside a compound during the summer months somewhere in the Valley, and the one left standing wins $500,000. (The disgusting Dick Donato, if you recall, somehow managed to win season 8, even after indirectly threatening a female housemate with rape. His daughter, Daniele.) The entire experiment is broadcast on TV and live on the web, warts and all. Furthermore, you should tryout for it this coming Saturday at Sugar Cafe!

CBS breathlessly exclaims: "Come to Sugar Cafe and meet with the Big Brother Casting producer to interview for a spot as a houseguest in an upcoming season of Big Brother! Tell us why you think you’d make a good houseguest and tell us what sets you apart from the others!"

Guidelines are as follows:

1) Print and fill out the application and bring with you to Sugar Cafe.
2) Bring a photocopy of your driver’s license or state issued ID.
3) Bring two photos (one face and one body shot). If you don’t have photos, we will take your photo at the casting call.
4) Leave your dignity at home

Sugar Cafe, 679 Sutter (at Taylor), S.F.