The pre-trial bullshit surrounding the case of Philip Garrido — which ought to be open-and-shut if you ask us, now a year and a half since he and his wife were arrested in connection with the kidnapping and imprisonment of Jaycee Lee Dugard — drags on as Garrido's lawyer made a motion Thursday to "set aside" the grand jury indictment against her client. She argued that that the composition of the jury "did not fairly reflect the populace of El Dorado County." The motion now won't be argued until May 5.

Garrido was expected finally to plead guilty to charges, based on statements made to the press by Nancy Garrido's attorney, Stephen Tapson, who may have been speaking out of turn. Tapson is trying for a plea deal for Nancy that would make her eligible for parole when she's old and gray.

There's a trial date set for August 1 for the Garridos, should a trial be necessary, but District Attorney Vern Pierson wants to avoid a trial and spare Dugard from having to take the witness stand.

The fact that it's taking this long to convict the son of a bitch is really grinding our gears, if you can't already tell. Somebody get Nevius on this.