At last week's board meeting we saw the current lineup tackle their biggest issue so far: the Parkmerced project which could do a great deal to shape the future of the southwestern edge of the city. Well, they didn't quite tackle it, so much as they put it off until May. This week the agenda is a bit short, but today's big issue: the payroll tax break Twitter and other Mid-Market and Tenderloin businesses (Item 8) could lead to some lengthy debate, especially after some alternative solutions were introduced last week. So with that, here's what we're looking at on today's agenda:

(Remember, the fun kicks off at 2 p.m. and you can always follow along live at or grab the whole agenda here [PDF warning] if you like legalese.)

Item 3: Requiring active ground-floor commercial uses along Fillmore Street between Bush and McAllister in the Western Addition. Expect Ross Mirkarimi to (again) give a brief speech about his push for a more lively Lower Fillmore. And then expect everyone to go along with it and pass it without too much trouble.

Item 5: Resolution urging the Federal government to minimize cuts to the Community Development Block Grant Program. We're still not big fans of resolutions here, but with five supes, plus the Mayor putting their stamp on this one, we'd like to see someone make a move in favor of actual action rather than resolutions. Last week it was D2 Supe Mark Farrell who spoke out, but if any one else needs to pick up a few points in the power rankings, here's your chance.

Item 8: Payroll Expense Tax Exclusion in Central Market Street and Tenderloin Area. The Twitter tax break: No need to go over the details again, but we'll be looking to see where the discussion goes in light of proposed legislation from President Chiu and Mayor Lee, as well as options Ross Mirkarimi and Mark Farrell introduced last week.

Item 10: Updating planning code to define Urban Agriculture. This will allow for neighborhood gardens and "large-scale urban agriculture" and define how these things are regulated under the planning code. If it passes, San Francisco will have one of the most progressive stances on growing plants inside the city. Jesus, we're such hippies again.

Item 11: Settles the lease dispute with the 49ers, according to the agreement that David Chiu and Temporary Mayor Lee worked out with the team. It's pretty much a no-brainer, but it's also something Gavin Newsom could never get done. (But that might be because Newsom and Jed York were jealous of each other's haircare regimen.)

From the Board's mailbag, the Clerk has received: 19 letters concerning the Parkmerced project, 11 letters supporting a ban on unsolicited yellow pages, and a letter concerning "No Smoking Signs" at transit stops from one Larry Caruso.