Monday, 4/4

Bad Girls Club: The advent of reality TV has led us to this very moment, and what a moment it is. Bad Girls Club, a jarrong hour-long show, houses seven awesome women inside a luxe Los Angeles Sherman Oaks-adjacent McMansion and then gives them access to loads of booze, a limo, and estrogen-enriched strife. Chaos, fisticuffs, and pixilated private parts ensue. While Jersey Shore receives the cultural zeitgeist fanfare, BGC is, without question, actually the show of our times. On tonight's episode, Wilmarie gets burned by her allies (serves you right, replacement!), Char tries to keep her posse (proxies never work, Char!), and Nikki tries attempts sexual intercourse with an American-Italian (kudos to you, Nikki!). 8 p.m., Oxygen

The Civil War: Hey, Dad, PBS is re-running Ken Burns epic re-telling of The Civil War! 8 p.m., KQED

Intervention: One of the best shows on TV right now (it won last year's Emmy Award for Best Non-Competitive Reality Show), tonight's Intervention is one of their specials: Intervention In-Depth: Pregnant. Four women struggle with motherhood and addiction in - wait for it - Texas. 9 p.m., A&E

Cheerleading Competition: Cheerocracy rules when the UCA All-Star competition gets underway. Bring it. 9:30 p.m., ESPNU

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Fallon has found his niche as a late night host, hasn't he? Well, we think so. Tonight's guests include actor/performance artist James Franco, "journalist" Maria Menounos, and Booker T. Jones. 12:30 a.m., NBC