This just in from the SFMTA by way of the ever-vigilante Muni watchdogs at Muni Diaries: Adult "A" Fast Pass prices will go up to $72 per month starting July 1. Likewise, the Muni-only "M" passes go up to $62. And a ride on a Cable Car will run you roughly the same as two beers at happy hour at $6. Outrage!

Sure, it's only an additional $2 per month, so you really only have to use that monthly pass for one extra ride in order to even out the per-ride cost, but couldn't we all just put two bucks in a tip jar or something to get Nat Ford to just leave already? We'd only need 195,000 of us to throw him two bucks instead of taking the bus somewhere. (Speaking of which, the MWAA in Virginia will be bringing up his name for discussion again on Friday.)