Up at Long Bar in Pac Heights (2298 Fillmore), new owner Reza Esmaili is preparing for a big change. The bar star took over the place last summer, with ultimate plans to give the place a makeover and at the very least class up the cocktail menu. He started by updating the menu, with the help of pal and Top Chef alum Erik Hopfinger, and soon the place will have a totally new menu, concept and name (TBA). As soon as basketball season is over, that is. Esmaili will be closing the place temporarily after the first week in April, after March Madness is over and the Final Four have duked it out. Then a few weeks later it will be reborn as a new bar-restaurant, after some cosmetic changes.

This week's cocktail is one of Long Bar's March Madness cocktails. "The idea is to offer every college students' beverage needs in one drink," says Esmaili, perhaps referring to the post-collegiate nature of the neighborhood and the bar's clientele. "This cocktail along with several others are to be served solely during our final four weeks as Long Bar, coinciding with the Final Four."

Tournament Shandy

1 oz. Jagermeister
1/2 oz. Tia Maria coffee liqueur
approx 8oz Trumer Pils

Shake and strain liqueurs into footed Pilsner glass nearly full of beer. Garnish with orange zest.