In an exclusive poll conducted by CBS5 and SurveyUSA (sounds official!), the local news station found that Ed Lee would be moving in to the Mayor's office for a full term if we voted today. Of course, the poll operates under the assumption that he would actually be running, which he's not at the moment, no matter what those folks at the Chamber of Commerce tell you.

In the full results, we learn that Lee would pull in 17% of first choice votes with former supe Michela Alioto-Pier taking 12% and the runner up spot. Since it seems relevant here, Lee's supporters are "disproportionately older, moderate and Asian" according to CBS5's analysis. So it's probably not surprising to note that, among those who marked Lee as their first choice, 24% put down David Chiu as their second choice.

Other stats from the just-for-laughs poll: Rich people love Dennis Herrera, women love Leland Yee and college grads go for David Chiu.