The man who allegedly stabbed a dog multiple times in Fort Funston in August 2010 will not be charged. Since there weren't a lot of witnesses, “the U.S. attorney doesn’t feel that the case is ready to take to court," National Park Service (NPS) Detective Robert Reidy explained to the Examiner.

How odd.

The suspect, identified by area dog walkers as Paul Fadis, supposedly stabbed a woman's dog after she asked him if his dog was neutered. It wasn't. Then, after the woman asked Fadis to hold his dog while she passed, she "allegedly turned around and saw Lenny covered in blood and Fadis holding a knife." After hospitalization and surgery, Lenny survived the attack.

According to NPS, Fadis fled the scene and "lawyered up." The Examiner goes on to point out that, after investigators spoke to Fadis' attorney, "he was not charged with any crime."