Our interest in the Board of Supervisors weekly meetings has been waning ever-so-slightly every week since the class of 2011 took their place in the People's Chambers. So, in order to bring a little more excitement back in to our city's politics, here's our completely unbiased recap of last night's meeting, along with a scorecard and not-at-all-subjective Board of Supervisors Weekly Power Ranking:

With supervisors Campos, Cohen and Mirkarimi absent from the meeting attending a transportation conference in Washington DC, things were a little quiet in the People's Chambers yesterday. Between the thin list of interesting items on the agenda, multiple private sessions and a lengthy special commendations section, the meeting was doomed to be a snoozer anyway. Still, that doesn't mean we can't pine for the booming voice of Ross Mirkarimi to come gliding out of the loudspeaker to console us.

Ross isn't the only member of the board who can project his voice though: during roll call we got a very emphatic "HERE" from Jane Kim, which we will gladly accept as an acknowledgement of last week's tardiness. While timeliness is appreciated, no one gets points just for showing up, even if you are dressed smartly in black. Still no points for Jane Kim.