Or maybe Brian Wilson has been acting like Charlie Sheen all along? It's hard to tell where the actors end and where the baseball players begin in this post-World Series, post-Academy Award media landscape. Luckily the former ESPN anchor and weepy MSNBC personality breaks it down in his Baseball Nerd blog [link and emphasis: ours]:

This "Tiger's Blood" stuff Sheen keeps spouting? That's a line of Wilson's.The original "Duh! Winning!" That's some more of Wilson's act/personality/delusion/repertoire.

The Wilson-Sheen connection has gotten some national attention but not nearly enough. Wilson visiting Sheen at his home last month received the usual tut-tutting and 'it's not a problem - right at the moment' from the Wilson and his team have insisted there was no wine, no women, only baseball (no Tiger's Blood) - and fictional baseball at that.

We have to disagree that Wilson is delusional - awesome maybe, but hardly delusional. Anyway, read on for more about the connection to Major League, a brief history of relief pitchers playing "Wild Thing" as they take the field and how "all Charlie Sheen ever wanted to do was be a major league baseball player."