Our interest in the Board of Supervisors weekly meetings has been waning ever-so-slightly every week since the class of 2011 took their place in the People's Chambers. So, in order to bring a little more excitement back in to our city's politics, here's our completely unbiased recap of last night's meeting, along with a scorecard and not-at-all-subjective Board of Supervisors Weekly Power Ranking:

First of all, cigarette-smoking SoMa/Tenderloin Supervisor Jane Kim was late to roll call, which means she missed the Pledge of Allegiance. (Not that she would have recited it anyway.) Normally this would hurt your score, Ms. Kim, but attractive people are allowed to be late at least once, so just don't let it happen again. 0 points for Jane Kim.

Meanwhile, not only was True American and District 8 supe Scott Wiener speaking loud and clear through the pledge, but he used his time during introductions to rag on Muni about getting costs under control. Always approve. Tack on the resolution to support Peak-Hour Taxi Permits and it's +3 for Scott Wiener.

While Wiener was reminding the senior supes what it was like to care about something, Chiu and Mar were busy boring everyone with their flaccid final version of Item 19 - the Mayoral Question Time process. According to the Chronicle, the final process has supervisors submitting their questions for His Temporary-ness almost a week ahead of time. So, -1 each for David Chiu and Eric Mar for being a couple of wet blankets.