We're breaking out our Comment of the Day again. Sharpen your wits and writing prowess with the hopes that one day you might make it in Comment of the Day. Fame and envy could be just one rant away!

Because we're power hungry, we selected two winners today. Both involve this morning's not-too-surprising system-wide metro Muni delay. When asked to give us examples of Muni horror stories, SFist commenter Sonya chimed with this:

The other week my husband left on a flight to San Diego at the same time I boarded Muni at Duboce Park to go downtown to work. He arrived in San Diego before I arrived at Montgomery Station.

That pretty much summed up everything I've come to expect from San Francisco's public transit.

Later in the day, dantsea pinpointed the following with regards to our city's public transit system:

Muni doesn't care. It never has, and it never will.

It used to do a better job of pretending that it cared when it could be directly used as a political toy by the BoS, but since we decided to create the SFMTA as an additional layer of bureaucracy to stand between the two parties, their official attitude is best summed up as "lol, whatever."