Since you live in a classy major American metropolitan area, you've probably noticed an abundance of discount sites shilling for local businesses at deep discounts. We recognize you are a busy person with a limited number of dollars in your wallet, so in "What's the Deal?" SFist will be cutting through the crap to break down the most recent deals. We promise all mentions are 100% editorial and we don't make any money off this garbage.

Yelp Deals: 50% Off Risque Tour for Two: Remember when we used to be able to pass off our interest in touring the San Francisco Armory as purely historical? (Yeah, us neither.) Then came the renovations and last year's (semi) exclusive tours, now it's basically the Alcatraz of porn and you don't even have to ride a ferry there. The advantage of Yelp offering deals is that you get to see what all your Yelp friends think about the place first. (Just kidding, no one on Yelp is your friend). In the end, you'll have to decide for yourself whether two tickets for an hour-long tour of porn sets are worth 30 bucks. [YelpDeals]

GiltCity: 50% off 7x7 Magazine Subscription: $7 for a one year subscription to 7x7 Magazine seems like a great deal until you remember they were offering these up for free a couple months back (and also, they have a website, duh). We'd tell you to save your seven bucks for a burrito, but we're afraid a recent 7x7 cover story already put the burrito trend to sleep. [GiltCity]

$35 for one 60-minute singing bowl therapy group session: Have you ever wanted to sit in a room for an hour with a group of other people and listen to a bowl vibrate? Now that service is more affordable than it used to be. Personally though, we'll be spending 30 bucks on cocktails and feeding the remaining Lincoln to the jukebox. Enjoy your singing bowl though. [kgb]

Slightly modified header photo by Angelo DeSantis