FILM: Vision from the Life of Hildegard von Bingen, a lushly shot portrait of a 12-century Benedictine nun way ahead of her time, "who has emerged from the shadows of history as a forward-thinking and iconoclastic pioneer of faith, change and enlightenment," is at the Red Vic tonight and tomorrow night.

7 and 9:15 p.m. // Red Vic Movie House (1727 Haight Street) // $6-9

MUSIC: You can expect to find lots of variety in Portland's Hosannas repertoire, including "unpredictable guitar, Rhodes, Moog and Omnikorg instrumentation," "tin-foil piano, hushed a capella harmonies with tribal crescendos, and plenty of thick, warm, over-driven guitar." Also on the bill are Oakland's Winnie Byrd and SF's Todayokay.

9 p.m. // The Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk Street) // $6

THEATER: No Nude Men Productions' new production, Hermes, "paints an impishly comic and glorifying portrait of equivocation, exploitation, disinformation, misappropriation, deregulation, ruination, large corporations, financial machinations, and the age of globalization exploring man's godlike ability to profit off what is truly worthless."

8 p.m. // Exit Theatre (156 Eddy Street) // $12-25