Sounds like Willie Brown had a busy week this week. So busy, even that he couldn't write us an Inside Scoop column. Maybe he's still exhausted from having to venture all the way out to the Sunset, but we were really hoping to get his official take Supervisor Elsbernd's crabfest. Or at least a picture of Da Mayor in a crab bib.

Anyhow, we were still treated to Willie's Sunday column, and it's standard fare - Willie spends some time discussing California's budget problems and how we'll never have a showdown between the government and union leaders like the folks in Wisconsin. He makes some Oscar predictions, talks about an "upscale Tupperware party" involving Jimmy Choo shoes and handbags.

At one point, he even admits he's partially responsibility for the terrible state of things with the Unions because he's awful at making intelligent decisions when it comes to collective bargaining. It's the kind of move that would seem refreshingly honest if he didn't do it every week. At this point, it doesn't seem like he could rub our noses in it any more than he already has. That is before he went on TV to talk about the Oscars.