Anne Wojcicki, 3andme co-founder and wife of Google's resident hot Russian Jew Sergey Brin, wants you to turn off your phone as part of National Day of Unplugging. Wojcicki, a board member of Sabbath Manifesto that created the annual day of disconnect, told the Chronicle, "People here are so connected and they're really living their lives online...I thought it'd be a good idea to see if you can disconnect for the full 24 hours."

Wojcicki, we should point out, "carries four cell phones, sleeps with a BlackBerry on her pillow and finds herself instant messaging people sitting next to her." Seems normal to us. (Also, we know what "instant messaging people sitting next to her" really means. It means talking shit about about someone else within earshot. Well played, Wojcicki.) However, if she can shut down her massive load of mobile communication devices, surely you can shut off your cheap Virgin pay-as-you-go phone, yes? Yes. Look, you can even put your phone inside its very own sleeping bag!

National Day of Unplugging begins at sundown tonight and ends sundown Saturday.