Over on the SF Business Times Bay Area BizTalk blog (five times fast), Biztern Bridget Riley has written up a review of her thoughts on a recent interaction between Yelper and Yelpee. After "frequenting a cute lunch spot" near their offices, Ms. Riley and a coworker decided to Yelp their impressions, which she describes (emphasis, ours):

My coworker’s review was descriptive and gushy in all the right ways: on the food, the atmosphere, the clientele and even the appearance of the waitstaff, all positive. A few days passed and she got a message — from the owner.

The owner's message was a simple request to spell the name of a dish correctly, but now this person (who has presumably chosen the profession of publishing words where people can read them) can't bring herself to return to the establishment because she knows her "thoughts on the staff hotties [have] made it back not only to them, but to the person who hired them." Just imagine the potential for embarrassment! The horror!