Last Monday, we tried to get inside SoMa's Bloodhouse bar, which proved a fruitless endeavor. Alas, the popular Folsom watering hole was far too packed. Defeated, we instead headed down to Lone Star Saloon on Harrison. Enter breath of fresh air! The place was well lit, unintimidating, casual, tipsy, and boasted bowls of popcorn on the pool table. What's more, it was $2 beer night. Any beer, all night, a mere $2. While we don't recall how we stumbled home that night, we're sure glad Bloodhound was filled to the rim.

Bonus: Lone Star Saloon has a private bathroom in case (ahem) you have trouble urinating in front of others. Like we do.

Be sure to check out $2 beer Mondays at Lone Star Saloon, 1354 Harrison, S.F.