This afternoon, EaterSF takes a look at the construction of Smitten, which could very well be the most densely buzzword-packed restaurant to date. Once you start reading the description, it becomes impossible to turn back no matter how badly you want to. Observe:

Smitten is a made-to-order (slow food: check), liquid nitrogen (molecular gastronomy: check) ice cream shop (frozen dairy products: check) built inside of a recycled shipping container (food truck: check, kinda) that has been dropped in to an empty lot in Hayes Valley (neighborhood revitalization by way of dessert: check). What's more, the shop's owner started off with just one liquid nitrogen ice cream machine in a red wagon in the park (food cart: check). That was way back in 2009, even. When people still wanted to eat food at tables. And before you ask: Salted Caramel is on the menu (check).

Still, as much as we'd like to be annoyed by all this, the idea of slobbering all over a handmade pizzelle cone topped with "one of the purest commercial ice creams out there", some sweaty October afternoon does seem kind of pleasant, doesn't it? At least it's not another fro-yo place, right? That would be too L.A.