The other day we briefly mentioned Willie Brown's report from New York Fashion Week in which Da Mayor predicted we'd all be wearing, "those short shorts seen in San Francisco only on Vanessa Getty."* We were a little flustered at the time that we couldn't find a recent photo of Vanessa in short shorts, so we don't know how we managed to overlook this one from our friends over at SFWire. There she is, Vanessa herself, walking the floorboards at Barney's downtown in a line of fancy clothes apparently directed at "ladies who don't lunch" - which seems at odds with our constantly lunching former mayor. Anyway, SFWire has all the photos and a recap of the Barney's event, if looking at rich people is your thing.

(*Sidenote: Willie also said he, "can't wait till the boys in the Castro get their hands on them." So, how about it, Castro boys?)

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