Last week Willie called our attention to his celebrity status by namedropping his way through a trip to Los Angeles for the Grammys. This week Willie used his Sunday column to once again hint at the weird dichotomy between life as a public servant under a security detail and life as a private citizen who sometimes has to ride Muni. But mostly he just told us about all the awesome stuff he got to do because he's rich.

First, he explained a brief trip to the nation's capital was necessary because President Obama was here in the Bay Area, so "somebody had to keep an eye on Washington." He didn't get a chance to push any legislation or offer to fix the economy in 100 days or anything like that, but he did get a minute to pop in to the Daily Grill where he ran in to House Speaker John Boehner. Boehner is currently hogging former speaker Pelosi's security team which is what got Da Mayor acting all introspective in the first place.

The politicians Willie runs in to at lunch only make up half of the Venn diagram of social circles that our most fashionable former mayor inhabits, so it's no surprise that he followed up his time in DC with some time in New York for Fashion Week. While taking in some runway shows, it became "painfully clear that those short shorts seen in San Francisco only on Vanessa Getty are going to be mandatory in the coming year." We hadn't personally seen Vanessa Getty lately, much less in short shorts, so we googled her again and found this amazing photograph of her from 2007, standing in a frilly dress next to Chronicle Editor-at-Large "Phil Bronfman" (sic) and "Friend". That friend would be Stephen Jenkins, but we suppose people might not have been so hip to Third Eye Blind back in 2007.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Right. Short shorts. Willie "can't wait till the boys in the Castro get their hands on them." (Does she have a pair with "Hot Cookie" on the butt?) We think this means Willie Brown is predicting Vanessa Getty's shorts to be the hot men's fashion trend for 2011.