Well, this is disgusting. At Wednesday night's Prince concert at Oakland Arena, a man was beaten by concert goers after catching the purple one's guitar. Prince typically tosses his guitar into the audience at the end of the show, which we thought was the artist's way of giving back to his fans, or whatever.

ABC 7 explains:

"I don't remember anything other than it leaving his hands and entering mine; it was like in slow motion," Litchfield said. After that, Litchfield says it was all a blur. He says the crowd mobbed him and he has the scratches on his knuckles and back to prove it.

When security pulled him out, Litchfield still had the guitar, but not for long. A stage hand demanded he give it back.

Wait, why does Prince then demand the guitar back? We thought he bought new ones for each show. What a lunatic.

Anyway, in exchange for the guitar, Price's crew gave Litchfield a guitar pick. Litchfield wants the guitar back.

"To this day I don't understand why I don't have the guitar," Litchfield explains. "You throw something into the crowd, it's customary that the people who get it, get."

Watch the ABC 7 report below.