You know what really gets our goat? Cook's Illustrated blocks most of their recipes online unless you buy an entrance fee or purchase a stupid magazine subscription. (Isn't having to sit through a half hour of Christopher Kimball's banter, Adam Ried's Equipment Corner, and Jack Bishop's patronizing Tasting Lab payment enough?) That is, until now. Starting today, you can find some of Cook's Illustrated's test-tested meals - or any number of other recipes using searches ranging from ingredients to calorie count - using Google's new recipe finder and search engine.

Inside Scoop's Stacy Finz has the details:

Kavi Goel, a product manager for the search engine, says that on average Google gets 10 million searches a day for recipes. Although it’s only 1 percent of Google’s overall searches, the numbers were large enough to entice Goel and his crew to add a recipe view feature. Although users have always been able to find recipes using Google, under the new system they can narrow down their searches.

People can now search recipes based on everything from calorie count and ingredients to cook time and what publication the recipe came from. They can even plug in a search for a special occasion — say Cinco de Mayo — and come up with recipes for that holiday.

Give it a whirl. It actually seems pretty useful.

Side note: In all seriousness, we love, love, love Cook's Illustrated, and highly recommend people buy a subscription to the magazine for the back cover art alone.

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